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Entry Fees

5 km Fun R100.00 (Enter at Registration or on the day)

10km R250.00 Temporary license if applicable R 70

21.1km R300.00 Temporary license if applicable R 90

42.2km R350.00

Starting Times

42.2km 06:30

21.1km 07.00

10km 07:15

Medals will be awarded to all official finishers who complete the full distance within 6-hour cut-off.

Note: All prizes including prize money, trophies, and/or special medals will only be issued once drug test results have been received and subject to clearance. All prize money is subject to South African tax laws; this may take up to three (3) months to process.

The t-shirts will be provided to first 1500 entrants of 42.2, 21.1 & 10km races

Late entries from 1 May 2023 will pay R50 more for each race category

Final Registration venue & Entry Collection

Saturday 13 May 2023: Peace Initiative Hall. Ixopo 10:00 - 20:00

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IMPORTANT - Please read our terms and conditions

An athlete is not eligible for a prize in more than one age category, i.e. an athlete is only eligible for a prize in the age category applicable to him/her or the younger category chosen by him/her down to senior level provided he/she is wearing the relevant age category tag. An athlete, male or female, who finishes the race in first to tenth position, may, however, win his/her position prize as well as any applicable age category prize.

Unless you specifically request in writing to HARRY GWALA DISTRICT MARATHON organizers to change your age category to a lower age category, you will be entered in the age category of your chronological age. Appropriate numerical age category tags must be worn on the front and back of the upper body garment. An athlete must provide positive identification to verify proof of age

1. The race is run strictly in accordance the rules of WA, ASA and KZN Athletics. Athletes MUST familiarize themselves with these rules.

2. Foreign athletes must comply with WA Rule 4.2, 22.1 & 142, and ASA 9.

3. All participants must be 20 years and older for 42.2km, 16 years and older for the 21.1km, 14 years and older for the 10km and 9 years and older for 5km.

4. All participants must wear the following:

a. Their correct club Colours

b. Race number on front of vest or crop top

c. 2023 Provincial license number on front and back of vest or crop top

5. ASA Approved Age category identification tags (i.e. J, 35, 40, 50 & 60) must be worn on the front and back of your vest or crop top and must be clearly visible in order to qualify for the age category prize

6. Walkers to display Walker tags

7. Refreshments tables will be provided, and NO personal seconding will be allowed

8. Tog bag facility will be provided. Tog bags will be kept at owner’s risk.

9. Prize giving will commence at 11h30am

10. Cut-off time for 42.2km run is 12h30.

11. Proof of age will be required.

12. A junior athlete must be 19 years and younger on 31st December in the year of the competition.

13. Athletes MUST obey race officials, Marshals and Traffic officials.

14. Pacing will not be allowed.

15. Athletes MUST make their own arrangements to Start and Finish.

16. Temporary License holders MUST wear plain color with NO advertising.

17. All Prizes will be held by the Organizer pending receipt of Anti-Doping results from ASA.

The Organizing Club and Sponsors will not be held responsible for any injury/illness occurring during, or as a result of the race or for any loss of property or damage on the course or in the changing area. All athletes must be medically fit and take part entirely at their own risk

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