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When : 3rd April 2023

Start : 17:15 (3 staggered starts)

Cost: R100.00 per person - (Country Club Member R 80.00)

This is a timed run/walk around our world-renowned scenic golf course. The options are a 4km (run and walk) or 8km (runners only).

No covid form or temperature reading is required.

For covid or flu like symptoms, please do not attend the event.

There will not be any water tables on the route so you may bring your own water or energy drink.

A complimentary bottled water will be handed out at the finish as well as a token for a refreshment, inclusive of a glass of wine or beer. Children may have a refreshment.

Relax after your run with your refreshment, fellow runners and enjoy a light meal or a pizza. Orders can be placed prior to the start of the run, The bar will be open.

Lucky draw prizes can be won, given by DCC, Grimaldi`s and our generous sponsors Compendium.

Pre-entries close Sunday, 2nd April. Late entries - R20 extra per entry.

Payment by member cards, zapper and cash are welcome.

No late entries after 5:00pm.

There will be no refunds or entries carried forward if you cannot make the run.

In the event of rain, the run will still go ahead. It will only be cancelled if your life is may be endangered - you will be notified by an sms or email to that effect.

You don`t want to miss out on our monthly moonlight "Run the Course"

Due to this being an official timed event, you can claim your Discovery points – what a bonus!

Any queries: Please Whatsapp Kim on 0823394836

IMPORTANT - Please read our terms and conditions

An sms or email will be sent to you confirming the run/walk, your race number, together with a code for access into the club.

Registration will be open from 4.15 PM in the Sportsmen`s Cafe.

Please observe the club & run rules displayed at registration.

On signed receipt of race number, confirms Indemnity and POPI, displayed at registration

Keys and phones can be handed in for safe keeping but at your own risk.

The 4km walk, 4km run and 8km run will go off in batches of 1 min intervals.

8km runners only. Please note that there will be a cut off time at the first lap of 4 km, if not completed in 35 mins.

After completion of your walk/run, please put your race number in the box provided.

You will receive a complimentary water and a token for a complimentary refreshment.

Enjoy and have fun!

The 4km lap is a marked run around the perimeter of the Durban Country Club golf course, which will either be in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

No other runner/walker may run under your run/race no.

On collection of your race number, please sign next to your name and race number as consent for DCC indemnity.

Marshalls will be in place to guide you along the way and there for your safety. Please listen to marshalls at all times.

Runners doing the 8 km will have a split time at 4km and a 8km time as they will complete two laps.

The course is well marked, and these basic rules ensure you complete the correct lap:

=> Run in an anti-clockwise or clockwise around the perimeter of the golf course, depending on the run direction for that evening.

=> Run the route, marker to marker which are yellow & white. Keep markers on the right or left side of you at all times, as per instructions at race briefing. For a clockwise direction, please keep the MARKERS ON THE RIGHT SIDE of you. For an anti-clockwise direction, please keep the MARKERS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF YOU, so you will be running where the fairway meets the green.

=> Where directed to a pathway, stay on the path until it becomes grass again.

=> Be aware of raised bricks on paths and watch footing on grass.

=> Please take note of signs on route ie steep downhill by the 2nd tee in a clockwise direction. You may go down on the grass alongside the pathway.

=> Please treat red and white bunting as a fence or wall, do not cross or go over it.


=> Caution of Twilight or late finisher Golfers - Runners and Walkers participate at their own risk.

Enjoy & have fun!

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