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Your entry will NOT be accepted until the online payment process has been completed.

On completing your entry information and making payment you will receive an email from,

with your confirmation of entry as well as the confirmation of payment for the event.

=> WaterCrest Mall, Waterfall

=> Parking available on the bottom level of WaterCrest Mall only. Drop and go is preferable.

=>Masks compulsory


=> Lahee Park , Pinetown


=> 5.00 AM (Cut-off at 9.15 AM)


=> Saturday 29 January 10h00 - 17h00 at the PDAC Clubhouse

=> From 3.30 am on Sunday 30 January at WaterCrest Mall

=>Electronic Covid questionnaire to be completed before collection (will be sent via sms)

Only 1000 entries available


=> R 200 - Licenced athletes

=> R 220 - Late entries (after 23 January 2022)


=> R 80


=>R60 (This is the cost price - no mark up)

Tickets to be handed to bus driver in the morning. DO NOT FORGET YOUR TICKET!

First bus departs at 3:30 and last bus at 4:00 from outside Lahee Park Main entrance (opp. PineCrest Centre)


Tog bags collected at the start and taken to the finish.


=> 9.45 AM - everyone to wear face masks


=> 16 years & over

Age restriction: 16 years and older

2021 (for 2022) licence numbers must be worn on front and back of vet/crop top and must be clearly visible

Age category tags must be worn on front and back of vest/crop top and must be clearly visible.

Proof of age will be required for category winners as per ASA rule 5.8

Results will be posted on our website

Prizes/money will only be given for the race you enter.

Cut off is 9:15. Participants who have not finished by the cut off will be called off the road.

ER24 ambulance available en route

There will be 5 water tables en route approximately 4kms apart.

No personal seconding permitted.

The race is run in strict accordance with the rules of the World Athletics, Athletics South Africa and Kwazulu Natal Athletics

All foreign athletes must comply with World Athletics Rule 4.2 and 142.

Race officials, marshals and traffic officers MUST be obeyed at all times.

A link with your Covid declaration will be sms`d to you 24hrs before the race. this needs to be filled in and returned before race number collection on 29 January 2022.

For those without the necessary technology, there will be a Covid form to complete at registration.

Only athletes will be able to access the top level of the Watercrest Mall parking area. No spectators.

All athletes to wear a mask/buff at the start until the race commences. Masks/buffs to be replaced 20m after finish.
Failure to do so could result in disqualification.

Please adhere to social distancing.

Times are calculated from gun to mat.

Please take note of the water tables as noted under Race Rules and Information

Please endeavour to RUN CLEAN! If extra water sachets are taken beyond the bin areas, please carry the empty sachet to the next table or rubbish bin.

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