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Individual Results : 2017-04-01 Arthur Creswell Memorial Marathon

Event FinishedArthur Creswell 52km
First NameWesley
Licence No3029
ClubWestville AC (KZNA)
Age on the Day29
Age CategorySenior

Other Results on Record

Event Date Event Description Time Pace
2018-04-22 Rising Sun Chatsworth Freedom Marathon 21km Run 02:07:40 00:06:03
2018-03-21 Stella Royal Stella Royal 25km 02:25:54 00:05:50
2018-01-21 Kearsney Striders Half Marathon 10km Run & Walk 2018 Kearsney Striders Half Marathon 02:05:22 00:05:56
2017-12-03 BMG Stainbank Cup BMG Stainbank Cup 15km Run 01:25:01 00:05:40