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Individual Results : 2018-04-07 Arthur Creswell Memorial Marathon

Event FinishedArthur Creswell Memorial Marathon
First NameDeon
Licence No3403
ClubGet Fit KZN (KZNA)
Age on the Day33
Age CategorySenior

Other Results on Record

Event Date Event Description Time Pace
2017-11-12 Bluff Marathon and Half Marathon Bluff Marathon 04:53:06 00:06:56
2017-04-16 Dick King Dick King 21km Run 02:11:46 00:06:15
2017-04-02 Checkout Challenge Checkout Challenge 21km 02:05:54 00:05:58
2016-10-02 Cooee Challenge Cooee Challenge 10km Run 00:53:11 00:05:19
2016-08-14 Supa Mama Savages 21/10km Challenge Supa Mama Savages 21km Run 02:26:07 00:06:55
2015-12-20 The Big Hill Challenge The Big Hill 21km Run 02:34:02 00:07:18
2012-07-15 Izaka Savages Challenge 21,1km 21.1 km Run 02:06:44
2011-09-04 aQuellé Dolphin Coast Striders 21.1km 21.1km Run 02:27:55