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Individual Results : 2018-04-07 Arthur Creswell Memorial Marathon

Pace min/km00:08:07
Event FinishedArthur Creswell Memorial Marathon
First NameSimon
Licence No6669
ClubMaritzburg City AC (KZNA)
Age on the Day41
Age Category40-49

Other Results on Record

Event Date Event Description Time Pace
2019-05-01 Gaterite Challenge Gaterite Challenge 42.2km 03:22:48 00:04:48
2019-04-06 Arthur Creswell Memorial Marathon Arthur Creswell Memorial Ultra 04:22:09 00:05:02
2017-09-10 Swift Half Marathon and 10km Swift 21.1 km Run 01:37:33 00:04:37